Huntly Droughmasters is a droughtmaster stud based in Clermont in Central Queensland with over 50 years of breeding history under the Barton family.

History of the Huntly Droughtmaster Stud

Huntly Droughtmasters was established by Ted Barton in the 1950’s. It was established to create a bull breeding program for the families properties in Queensland. The herd was based on the property of the same name ‘Huntly’. Huntly at the time was a 60,000 acre cattle property, located east of Clermont in the Central Highlands of Queensland. It is a mix of open downs country running into Coolibah basalt ridges.

Stud History | Huntly Droughtmasters

The original cattle were an award winning shorthorn herd. These cows were crossed with brahman bulls when the breed was introduced inept Australia. Liking the cross, Ted Barton and his Son Peter started breeding a cross bred herd using the these two breeds. They found the cattle to be perfectly adapted to their environment. Shortly after, Peter barton selected line of females to be classified, making Huntly Droughtmasters Stud number 23.

Over the years, the family has owned propertied in Western Queensland, Central Highlands and the Darling Downs, where the cattle have excelled in all of these environments. Today, under the stewardship of Sam and Jane Barton, the stud is based out of “Struan” Rolleston where the herd continues to win awards in both Stud cattle and its commercial beef herd.

Stud History | Huntly Droughtmasters

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